Doodle Home Stamped Christmas Calendar Page

Hi, Good Morning (Claire N here)

We have reached the December page in our year long calendar project, and next month, along with Jaine and Clare, I will post all 12 pages together so reveal the project as a whole.

SH December close


So for my page today, I have used Sarah’s Doodle Home Stamps, and Jaine’s christmas tree to create a wintery scene. I didn’t want it to be ‘in your face’ christmassy, so I have added red accents using various stamps from a few of Sarah’s sets. The Nordic style of crafting is very trendy this year , and repeat stamping in this way (particularly in red ) really adds that flavour.

Stamp set used

Now stamping in red is not necessarily my favourite thing to do, but I have embraced it this year and have found that I get the best results using a Versafine ink pad. As I have done here, I have used red to stamp over the houses and the versafine red ink has given me brilliant coverage

SH December

Thanks so much for stopping by today, and be sure to come back over the coming weeks because I cannot wait to see how different all our calendars have turned out.

BLUE -Claire-Newcombe-SarahHurley365-Signature


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